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With a view to improve business process automation, this unit is equipped to undertake business surveys and compile functional specifications of user requirements. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this service, where our team would consult on the requirements, as well as recommend solutions. Together with our international partners, we are able to provide products that have a proven track record in the industry, of transaction recording and data collection in the form of bar code scanners and mobile computers. For further information please contact a sales consultant


- Electronic Proof of Delivery
Logistics excellence is time critical – every second counts. Right first-time delivery earns the right to charge for premium guaranteed services. Any failed delivery or return is a cost to the business. Purpose-built mobile and wearable delivery computers help to prevent businesses from incurring these costs.


- Direct Store Delivery
With E-commerce growing at a rapid rate the ability to deliver goods directly from the warehouse to the customer has become more of a pressing need. Speak to Bartrans to find out how we can improve your supply chain and enable sales directly from your delivery vehicle.


Field Service

Scheduling remote field workers and having instant communications with them are critical to meeting service level agreements. Bartrans’ reliable connectivity and multiple form factor field scanners are therefore paramount to bring the office to the worker or technician, providing instant access to order history and customer or asset records. Productivity gains using our partner solutions mean more tasks in the field fulfilled in a day, increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction.


Inventory Tracking and Asset Management

With the new retail 2D scanning model, retailers use product and customer data captured at the point-of-sale (POS) to replenish their inventory with the right level of stock. To achieve this result with accuracy and without compromising worker productivity, retailers need rugged scanners for the most challenging environments, that are flexible for the new multi-modal warehouse, and open to the most innovative inventory management applications.

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