Mobility Devices

You have mobility devices in locations all across your enterprise. They are constantly on the move or situated in remote locations, and are critical to supporting your employees’ work activities. Mobility devices ensure your business operations are more effective, more efficient, and that your customers are satisfied with your service. However, the process of managing those devices and keeping the software up-to-date, dealing with multiple operating systems, ensuring proper configurations, and monitoring vital performance indicators is time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors.

What if you could manage all of these functions on any device within your network, from anywhere in the world, at any time you choose? Contact one of our sales consultants to discuss your requirements.


On Premise Mobile Computer

Maximizing warehouse inventory throughput, increasing productivity and improving accuracy are key goals for warehouse and distribution centre operations. Real-time data capture at the point of transaction is a critical element in the achievement of this goal, ensuring accurate data integration with enterprise systems using robust wireless connectivity. We offer a range of warehouse scanners that are built rugged for the most challenging environments. Whether receipt, cross-dock, put-away, pick, replenishment, packing, dispatch, stock taking or perpetual inventory, the right warehouse data collection device is essential for performance of both people and materials handling equipment (MHE).


Off Premise Mobile Computer

Our rugged field computers provide multi-purpose utility in an ergonomic form factor, driving improved productivity for mobile workers and a lower total cost of ownership for enterprises. Not as bulky as laptop computers, yet more durable than tablet computers, Bartrans offers a range of mobile field computers that are IP-rated for trusted protection against environmental factors like dust and rain. Equip your workforce with mobile field-ready computers with mission-critical functionality.


Tablet Computer

Varying applications call for larger screen sizes and Bartrans offers a formidable range of enterprise ready tablets with integrated barcode scan engines for both standard and intrinsically safe environments.


Vehicle Mount Computer

Our fixed and vehicle mount computers include the latest radio technologies including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco® certified compatibility, and support for Bluetooth® scanning and peripherals, enabling either wired or wireless operation. They are ideal for the demands of mobile warehouse and inventory-control applications common to material handling equipment and industrial vehicles such as forklifts and holsters. Their compact form factor and rugged design also make these computers ideal for fixed mount applications such as cross docking, manufacturing work stations, shop floor, and other warehouse and distribution environments.

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